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When Hilary was young, she invented an alter ego for herself. No, not one of those creepy, you-really-think-you're-that-person kind of things. More of an if-we-lived-in-a-fantasy-novel-here's-who-I'd-be kind of thing. Anyway, the character had both a name and a "title", of sorts: Talia Jenea, Virgin Huntress Forest Faerie. No first and last names, just "a name:" Talia Jenea. Each aspect of her "title-identity" (VHFF) was specifically chosen and representative of part of her character. Talia Jenea embodied everything Hilary wanted to be: courageous, capable, witty, alluring yet pure, an archeress, physically honed, dangerous, startlingly beautiful, soft yet strong, dwelling amongst sun-dappled trees, wingéd, wearing a lace-up bodice and hooded cloak, carrying hidden daggers — you get the picture. Pretty standard fantasy heroine stuff, only with a "Hilary" edge.

When Hilary joined the drama crowd at Asbury, she realized that having an alter ego was like having a permanent acting job. Everyone there recognized that it was just a normal, healthy role-play. One of the dramatists was also a writer, of sorts, and he decided to make Talia Jenea into a more lasting character. After writing that single episode just for fun, he was inspired to create an entire fantasy serial — using the members of their drama circle as further inspiration — which he sent out to the "characters" via e-mail. Here is a description of the Saga, in the author's own words:

Author's Note:

Due to Hilary's brilliant inspiration combined with some writing on my part, we've come up with a wonderfully fun idea for our little drama group: a moving fantasy serial which has varying points of view. Each person in our group is represented by a character. Each person's character's actions in the storyline are e-mailed to them between once to twice a day…These will be different depending on where certain characters are and what groups they are in. In other words, not everyone will get the same aspect of the story…they will be customized by what groups your characters are in.

Here is the character list to date:

Dragonfire, Knight to Lord Jex: played by Jeremy
Talia Jenea, Virgin Huntress Forest Faerie: played by Hilary
Lodan, the Court Jester: played by Nathan
Donoval, Weaponbearer to Dragonfire: played by Chris
Galengran, the Elven Prince: played by Jon
Celestia, the betwixt Sorceress: played by Kate
Darshek, the hired rogue: played by Jeff

And making a cameo appearance:
Joe as Lord Jex

NO Complaints YET!!! Not all of these characters are what they first appear to be, so wait until you have read the first parts your characters appear in to decide whether you like your character. If, after that, you have a problem...or, more positively, a suggestion, just e-mail me with either one. I will try to reflect these suggestions and changes in future installments of the story.

Now, I have included the following which are the first two episodes of the serial which involve Talia Jenea and then Celestia. As these two are now on a team, they will receive their portions of the story exclusively, while other teams will exclusively receive other portions. That way, when the stories connect, it will be really awesome!

Jeremy T. Hanke
Note from the Author:

To teams A, B & C,

A new character has entered the story and is soon to unite with one of the three main groups. Her name is Telanna and she is a shapeshifter. She will be played by Bethany.

As always, thanks for your time and enjoyment of the serial!

Jeremy Hanke

A few other cameos based on real Asburians were also added as the serial progressed. When it finally ended, it felt as if real friends had passed away, yet it was the most amazing fun having Talia Jenea come to life, however briefly. It was so enjoyable to reread these episodes in preparation for posting them here! Remembering the "actors'" real-life personalities and struggles and seeing them translated through Jeremy's eyes in this serial was at once funny and poignant. You can read the original, unedited episodes of the serial by clicking on the links below. Please enjoy!

Talia Jenea/Celestia

This is a work of fiction. Although the characters are "based" on real people, the incidents and dialogues are products of the author's imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events is coincidental, and you are certifiable if you think you've seen a real orc, anyway.
The Saga of Talia Jenea ©1998 by Jeremy Hanke. All rights reserved.
Talia Jenea and all related aspects are ©1991 by Hilary Fiskeaux. All rights reserved.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted,
in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of both of the copyright owners and the author of this serial.
If you purchased this serial without a cover you should be aware that it is stolen property,
and neither the author nor the copyright holders have received any payment for it…so send us some money!

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