The Gents

the groomsmen
FROM LEFT: Shawn Demaray, the groom, Duncan Fraser, Tim Platt, best man Brittney Congleton, and Mike Braun

What a great bunch of strapping young men.
Why, they could almost be lumberjacks . . . and they're okay.

This picture was taken prior to leaving on a group trip to Cincinnati to get the guys measured at a place we ended up not even getting the tuxes. Shortly after this trip, Charlie did some website work for Geno (of Geno's Formal Affair), who graciously gave us a really good deal on tuxedos from his store.

Brittney Congleton, the best man, has been Charlie's best friend since they met at Assembly Christian School in sixth grade. Brittney was an English major at Asbury College, and he enjoys playing the guitar and writing his own music.
Duncan Fraser is the bride's older brother. Read about him on the Fraser family page.
Mike Braun was in the bride's graduating class at Jessamine County High School. He met Charlie at Asbury, and they became roommates after singing together in the Redeemed Quartet (Mike was the tenor). Mike teaches elementary school music in central Kentucky.
Shawn Demaray was in Boy Scouts with Charlie from an early age. He also often came over to the bride's house to play (and later, “hang out”) with her younger brother, Stuart.
Tim Platt was a theatre tech. major at Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. He met Charlie through Boy Scouts as well, but moved away early on. Tim used to sing and play in a college band called PrayerSession.

Stuart in chocolate syrup
This is the bride's younger brother, Stuart, after a "hall brawl" (in his Air Force Academy dorm) involving chocolate syrup. He took the picture with his webcam. Stuart was not in the group picture at the top of this page for two reasons: he was at school right up until the wedding (he had to get special leave just to attend); and he had his official Air Force dress uniform/tux and therefore did not need a rental tuxedo. Since he was officially a bridesman and not a groomsman, he is featured on the Ladies page. This in no way reflects on his personality, sexual preference, or level of manliness.

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