The Ladies

Kate Chaput
Kate Chaput was the maid of honor (this pic is from her wedding). They became best friends in 1989 after meeting in Seminary housing (both of their fathers attended Asbury Seminary). Hilary first broke a limb (her left arm) in a roller skating contest with Kate. Kate is only one year and four days younger than Hilary and just got married in December 2003 to Matthew Podjan.
Stuart Fraser Stuart Fraser is the least ladylike of the bunch. Hilary's younger brother acted as her "bridesman." Read about him on the Fraser family page.
Anna Welch
Anna Welch and the bride have known each other for a very long time (this is her high school picture). They both lived in Wilmore and went to school together from elementary school through college. When a bum assailed them on their senior trip to Chicago, Anna did not know what to say to make him leave. The two girls vowed that on any future encounters they would pretend Anna was deaf and mute and just let Hilary "interpret" to get them out of it (they never got to try it). Anna got married in December 2001.
Crystal Lott
Crystal Lott and the bride became friends in seventh grade (again, thanks to Asbury Seminary). Hilary once painted a particularly nasty black eye on Crystal and then — accompanied by moans and an ice pack — tried to convince Crystal's mom that Crystal had fallen down and hit her head. It worked for about thirty seconds…until her mom realized that it wouldn't have turned that shade of purple so quickly (so close). Crystal recently completed a role as lead actress/signer for Arizona Deaf Theatre and was then asked to join their board. She is currently studying theatre at Arizona State University West.
Bethany Dunham
Bethany Dunham and the bride met in choir at Asbury College. Hilary's first and only college Spring Break trip was her freshman year, to Bethany's home in Conway, Arkansas. Bethany graduated from Asbury in 1999 with a major in Spanish and a minor in vocal music. She went on to graduate studies and being a teaching assistant at the University of Kentucky. She also spent time teaching and studying in Spain.
Hilary with Heather Sewell
Heather Sewell was going into fifth grade at the time of the wedding. She played the bride's daughter in Asbury's production of Fiddler on the Roof in fall of 1999, which is where these pictures were taken. Heather was the flowermaid because she was a young lady of ten. Heather assented to the wedding upon meeting the groom backstage after a rehearsal: "I like your fiancÚ. He's nice."

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