Our Kitties

We adopted two kitties from the Lexington Humane Society on June 24, 2004 (as an anniversary present to ourselves). June is national "Adopt a Shelter Cat" month, when all Humane Society adoption fees are cut in half. Since we'd been wanting to get a cat ever since we moved out of married student housing, we figured June would be as good a month as any. Now we can't imagine our lives without them — we love our babies!

Mia up close
Mia under table

Mia is our calico, born in August 2002. She is our delicate, girly "kitty model" (she's beautiful and she knows it). She was given up by her owners because they could no longer take care of her. Once we decided we wanted two cats, we tried to find two that got along fairly well. We initially wanted to adopt a tortoise-colored female, but she didn't get along with anyone else. What we noticed in that process was that when we got Mia out, she never hissed at the other cat. She was very low-key and loving (and a purr machine). We decided then to try matching her instead. While she and Fin weren't completely enamored with each other, they were the only ones that didn't hiss and swat immediately (they sniffed for a while first). Conveniently, they were our two favorites! She was already accustomed to being called "Mia" (and it fit her), so we kept it.
Mia is a "mommy's girl." Every morning, after the alarm has gone off (or whenever she thinks Hilary should get up), Mia climbs onto Hilary's side of the bed for her morning pet. She purrs like a muffler-less car — no joke. She lays near Hilary's face and demands to be stroked until Hilary is more awake, at which point Mia jumps back down.

Fin up close
Fin asleep

Fin is our tabby, born in October 2003. He is our "lover kitty" (if we sit down, he jumps into our laps). He was a stray. When we went to the shelter to choose our cats, we were initially against getting a male. Every time we passed within three feet of his cage, he meowed and stuck his arm between the bars — all the way up to the shoulder — to bat his paw at us wildly. We thought he'd be too rowdy, so we didn't take him out. When we were getting ready to leave, we decided to take him out for a "pity cuddle." We were prepared for him to leap out when we opened the cage, but instead, he just started purring loudly! When we picked him up he settled on our chests, fully relaxed, and continued purring. Since he was the very last cat we looked at, we named him "Fin," an Americanized pronounciation of the French word for "last" or "the end."
He has slept on our bed from the first night we had him (mostly nestled on Charlie's legs). In the beginning, he would even jump up onto our chests to purr us awake after the alarm went off! One morning when I had the day off from work, I tried to sleep in. When I hadn't gotten up within 10 minutes of Charlie turning the alarm off, Finn climbed up right next to my face, meowed softly and sweetly, and licked my face until I opened my eyes and said "good morning." One of his favorite pasttimes is "trying to groom mommy and daddy." Daddy is much easier to groom without choking.

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