The Fiskeauxs (pronounced "fiss-koh" in the singular)

the Fiskeauxs, old west style
REAR: Aaron, Patti, Charlie, Charlie II
FRONT: Amie, Lori, Hilary

Charlie Fiskeaux, I
Charlie (senior), Charlie II's dad, is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Clemson University. He is an administrator at Asbury College and enjoys woodworking, playing with his granddaughter, and listening to southern gospel music.
Patti Fiskeaux
Patti, Charlie II's mom, taught elementary school and homeschooled her children after studying at Trevecca Nazarene College and George Mason University. She is now the secretary at the Wilmore Free Methodist Church. She also loves fussing over her granddaughter, and spends her free (ha ha) time drinking hot tea and collecting Mary Engelbreit stuff.
Amie Fiskeaux Hall
Amie, Charlie's older sister, graduated from Assembly Christian School in 1994 and Asbury College in 1998 (with a degree in Bible and theology). Amie works for Pioneer Catering at Asbury College and as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. She collects frogs (not real ones) and Coca-Cola and Wizard of Oz memorabilia.
Charlie Fiskeaux II
Charlie puts the "charlie" in "" Get to know him on the Couple's page.
Aaron Hall
Aaron, Amie's husband, is a systems engineer for Hyatt-Regency. When not working, Aaron plays computer role-playing games and collects Beast Machines and Transformers.
Lori Hall
Lorienne, Amie and Aaron's daughter, turned eight years old in March and will start first third this fall. She enjoys drawing, writing, visiting Homestar Runner, and watching Looney Tunes.

Lori lost her first tooth (while wiggling it with her tongue) on Sunday, June 20, 2004. Congrats!
Lori's lost tooth

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